Mr McRaffity's Magical Orchestra

Mr McRaffity's Magical Orchestra is now available on in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Buy the story here.

It had been so stormy

But now it was fine,

So Mister McRaffity

Hung his clothes on the line.


He wanted to be

Outside in the sun,

He wanted to have

Some extraordinary fun!


So he picked up his wand

And he tapped it just so

He pointed outside

And said off we go!


He marched at the front

And was followed close by

His magical orchestra

Under fine, sunny sky.


Violas and oboes

A harp and cello,

Lined up with a horn

And a big piano.


A trombone and violins

Clarinet and more,

Marched and danced

Their way out the door.


Caramel Snowflake And The Bear!

Guess who I met yesterday? A bear sitting in lavender and a mini lop rabbit enjoying a cafe lifestyle in Paekakariki, north of Wellington, New Zealand.

Thanks to Alistair for allowing the crazy Harley-riding lady to take photos and videos. Very kind of you! Incredibly perfect timing as I just finished a story about rabbits looking for a new home.

A very nice smelling bear!

A very nice smelling bear!


Miss Tory Teller added some photographs of New Zealand. Go see!


The Dumpster Truck: Real Photos!

There are lots of photographs uploaded to The Dumpster Truck page, under the Chapter Books tab.

These photographs were taken at the actual cafe that the Cockroach Caper series takes place at.

The truck in the photos is the actual truck the cockroaches went on. It is in the car park that they had to cross to get to the dumpster in Cockroach Capers Book 1: Kicked Out By Rats.

The driver of the dumpster truck very kindly allowed us to take photos of the process of emptying a dumpster.



Kicked Out By Rats is available on Kindle. Buy it here

It will be available in print very soon.



Book 2 in the series: Rupert Ropparts, Zombie Hunter And Unexpected Poet