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Gossiping Grandma

Meet Rupert, seven years old and having to miss his favourite thing in the world, Zombie hunting online. Rupert has to trail around behind his Grandma. Rupert's Grandma is a gossip. She is quite convinced her neighbours are up to no good. However, when a parrot in a florist shop hears Grandma's tale, the story gets passed from animal to animal around the world. Find out what happens when Grandma's mouth gets her in trouble!

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Don't Tell uncle reggie

Rupert's Uncle Reggie is staying, and he just can't keep a secret. But, when is a secret really a secret? Find out what happens when Rupert shares his plan with his best friend Daniel. Together they work out how to get their parents to say YES to it!



racy gracy

Rupert's neighbours have gone away and they have rented their house to noisy tenants. Rupert just can't get any sleep, but then, he discovers that maybe the noisy neighbours are a bonus in his life. Find out what happens as Rupert's online dream begins to take shape. Together he and Daniel may become the online successes they have always dreamed of.