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Miss Tory Teller has been documenting true animal tales for years, first delighting her own children by setting the tales to rhyme, then reading her stories to young friends and relatives. The natural progression was to share her writing with the world. As her children grew, more tales were added, the catalyst often being a true event.


Some of the stories and illustrations feature herbs or therapeutic plants. As a Naturopathic Doctor, she encourages a healthy lifestyle in her characters and her clients. Having spent many years treating children suffering from a range of illnesses, she has witnessed how quickly some can fall behind in skills such as reading, speaking and general comprehension. To help remedy these situations, a holistic approach is taken to support the body so it can rally its forces and return to the glowing state of health that is every child's birthright. 


Read to your children, talk to them, make up stories and have fun. Illiteracy is rampant on this planet. Together we can eradicate it.

Miss Tory Teller is a raw fruitarian, who loves yoga - particularly aerial yoga. She adores animals and they are often a highlight of her stories. She advocates a raw vegan lifestyle to help protect those who cannot speak for themselves and feels privileged to have shared her life with an assortment of animals including goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, cows, ponies, ducks, doves, hens and cockatiels.  Loved to bits for eleven years by a big, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog named Treacle, she has immortalised him in print in several of her stories. And now, a very vocal Siamese cat named Thai is her latest animal love affair. Thai features in some of her books too. 

Miss Tory Teller is also a song writer. She is passionate about the global futures and forex markets and has an affinity with the broad range of markets she trades. She is a motorcycle enthusiast currently riding around on a Harley. She supports a range of charities, one of which includes knitting and crocheting warm woollen garments for underprivileged children. 

Miss Tory Teller alternates living near Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and at stunning Lake Taupo in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand.